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We are a specialized law firm representing landlords with tenant evictions and more

Your tenant is not paying rent and you do not know what to do? Upload the lease agreement and termination notice and receive a legal assessment within 24h. Upon instruction we start litigation and will get an eviction title for you.


Input lease data

Enter certain important lease data into our online from and upload the lease agreement and termination notice. All easy  & online, without the need to make an appointment. It only takes 5 minutes.

Receive a free assement

Usually within 24h we will analyse your data and provide you with a legal assessment of your case. We will also give you a fee estimate of any litigation costs. All this is completely free for you.

Instruct us to represent you & we take care of everything

Upon instruction we will initiate litigation to get an eviction title and represent you in front of the court. With the eviction title we will instruct a bailiff to get you your property back.


Simple & easy

No need to search for an attorney and make appointments. Simply enter your data online, whenever it is convenient for you. We analyse your input and usually within 24h we provide you with an assessment.

Certainty recosts & fees

Our initial assessment is completely free for you. In the assessment we will also tell you, what fees and costs you should expect. This gives you a solid information basis to decide whether to initiate eviction proceedings.


We are specialised on eviction proceedings. We know that each day of delay potentially means further loss of rent. Therefore, we work on your case with highest priority. Litigation can usually be initiated within few days after being instructed.


We represent you in front of court & you can relax

We will prepare the statement of claim, initiate the legal proceedings, represent you in front of the court, do all the paperwork and instruct the bailiff with the eviction. You can relax.

  • Determination of the facts
  • Free initial analysis and assessment
  • Preparation of the statemnt of claim
  • Representation in front of court
  • Instruction of bailiff



  • What are the costs & fees of eviction proceedings in Germany?

    To get a tenant evicted you will need a legal title. The legal title is obtained through court proceedings. To initiate court proceedings, you will initially have to prepay the court fees. In addition our fees will apply.

    Broadly speaking, the court fees are one month rent, our fees are two months rent. The fees are determined by statututory law, a more detailed overview can be found here [link to KOSTEN page].

    Please note that if the litigation is successful, the tenant will have to compensate you for the cost & fees you have incurred (court fees and our fees). However, you will only recover these fees from the tenant if he has sufficient means to pay you.

  • Do I recover the incurred costs if the litigation was successful?

    In Germany the party losing the litigation has to bear the statutory costs of the proceedings. Thus, if you have successfully obtained an eviction title, the tenant will have to bear all costs.

    Having said that, our experience shows that many tenants who are evicted do not have the means to repay you such costs. Hence, even though the you have a title against the tenant, it is not uncommon that you will not recover these costs.

  • How will I get my property back?

    After a successful litigation you will be awarded a title against the tenant. If the tenant does not move out, you can enforce the title through a bailiff.

    To do so, you need to instruct a bailiff to carry out the enforcement. We will support you with these steps after the litigation.

  • What happens with the unpaid rent? Does the eviction title enable me to collect the unpaid rent?

    It is possible to combine the litigation for eviction with litigation for unpaid rent.

    However, we do not recommend that and do usually not do that. The reason is that it is in your interest to get an eviction title as soon as possible. If you litigate for unpaid rent within the same proceedings, it complicates the matter and there is the risk the proceedings are delayed.

    Of course, we can also help you to litigate for unpaid rent.

Fees & costs

The litigation costs of legal proceedings in Germany comprise of two components, the court costs and the attorney fees. Both components are regulated by law, and depend on the monthly rent.

The table below gives you an overview over the expected costs in eviction proceedings. Please note that these costs are indicatively only, and can change e.g. if witnesses are presented, there are more than two parties involved, etc.

New rent/month (EUR)Court costs (EUR)Our fees (EUR)
200,00357,00 684,25
300,00420,00 850,85
400,00483,00 1.017,45
500,00546,00 1.184,05
750,00735,00 1.683,85
1,000,00885,00 2.005,15