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Can’t I do this myself? Or is it a legal requirement to hire a lawyer for an eviction action, i.e. is it compulsory to use a lawyer?

The local courts have exclusive jurisdiction for lawsuits relating to the evacuation of living space (please note that this does not necessarily apply to commercial premises as well).

There is no compulsory lawyer for eviction proceedings before the local courts. In other words, you can file the lawsuit yourself and attend the court hearing yourself if one takes place.

However, it is advisable not to initiate an eviction action without legal support. Even if eviction actions based on a termination due to payment arrears are essentially manageable facts, the devil is often in the details in such cases too, and you have to question, for example:

By the way, going to court is not an everyday occurrence, you are not familiar with the processes and there can always be unexpected surprises

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